Welcome to Sand Springs

In 1905, Charles E. Page struck it rich with oil wells near Tulsa, but he never forgot where he came from – a poor, struggling family held together by his widowed mother. Page purchased 160 acres west of Tulsa and created a home for orphaned children. Wanting to ensure the home’s long-term success, Page enticed people to move to Sand Springs with free land for families, relocation bonuses for businesses and a railway. Today, Sand Springs is a thriving community and Page’s Sand Springs Home still houses children and families, more than a century later.


Where a Teddy Roosevelt wolf hunt led to the creation of Oklahoma.
From hunchbacks to acrobats.
Storied history with artistic importance.
A cotton and oil boomtown.
Black gold changed Bartlesville's destiny for good.
A view from the top of Oklahoma.
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Pecan Capital of the World.
Poultry farming cooperative meets Oktoberfest.
Hometown of Will Rogers.
An agricultural bedroom community.
Founded with home ownership in mind.
The former “buckle of the oil belt” preserves its local history.
A community of Oklahoma firsts.
A diverse economic playground.
The black gold that fueled Glenpool’s boom.
Living the grand life.
Oklahoma’s first capital.
A perfect location for changing times.
From “Ragtown” to ranch town.
The Hay Capital of the World.
Antique Capital of Oklahoma.
The perfect spot for a new town.
A grand new second chance.
Buckle on the Wheat Belt.
A new lake brings new life
Oklahoma’s gleaming string of beads.
Flourishing beyond the fort.
Pioneering leaders and friends – Luther & Jones.
Home of the National Sand Bass Festival.
World explorers in Oklahoma’s backyard.
Historical home to lauded local outlaws.
Immigrants and Oklahomans working together.
Blackberry Capital of the World.
Hometown of Hall of Famer Carl Hubbell.
Careful, intentional planning leads to success.
From boxcar beginnings to vibrant community.
As an early trading post on America's frontier, Muskogee had one valuable and rare feature.
Agricultural hub turns bedroom community.
Land run camp turned into thriving college town.
A model of forward thinking in the heartland.
Near to OKC, but far from big city stress.
Rhymes with “vague,” not “frog.”
One of the world’s largest historic oil sources.
Home sweet home on the range.
Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.
Still waters, bustling city.
Where life is peachy.
From whiskey town to Disney inspiration.
Land of the rippling waters.
Cherokee Nation’s Capital City.
5,000 homesteads for 15,000 people.
Where good things spring forth.
Oklahoma’s premiere northeast metropolis.
Rails and roads help a small town survive.
An unusually industrious small town.
Big Foot’s switch becomes a lakefront destination.
Blowing expectations away.
From land run beginnings to a country music superstar.